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bright kids america preschool philosophy

Our school welcomes children from across the city and around the world.  We accept children ages 2-5 for our preschool program. Here at Bright Kids of America Preschool, we educate students to help them become inquisitive learners, adaptive thinkers and effective communicators.  We strive to cultivate students’ imaginations and their thirst for exploration nourishing early development and reaching for their highest potential. We focus on the whole child’s emotional, physical, cognitive and language growth through music, art, movement, games, singing, activities and books.  We believe children always benefit from bilingual language in the future, therefore we are encouraging children exploring in bilingual language environment such as reading, speaking, writing at early age. Our goal is to encourage children to be independent and provide knowledge they can take with them to their next steps in life.

Top Rated Daycare Service

Children have supervised activity and free social play in the ultra-safe, fully padded, newly designed Playground. State of the art safety features from 2017 Global Playground Award Winning Designer 

Preschool at Bright Kids of America

Forest Hills best child day care center and preschool facility. Full-time and part-time preschool daycare services.
Age 2-5 years

tuition schedule

Full-time Daycare:
8 am – 6 pm, 2-5 years old

Part-time Daycare:
8 am – 11 am, or 3 pm – 6 pm  or 3 full days


Preschool Education

Children are partnered with others of the same age in order to help them grow and develop. A child who is immersed in their age group will learn best.

Children playing with blocks


Smart children are healthy children. Proper exercise and adequate diets help ensure proper classroom energy levels for optimal learning, sleep, and overall living conditions.

  • playground exercise.
  • reading & writing.
  • Chinese language
  • English lessons.

Personal Attention

We make sure nobody ever feels left out. Happy children adapt, grow, and learn faster. Making smart decisions start with attention to every child and caring for their individual needs.

  • Every child receives personal attention
  • Lessons taught in art and culture
  • English & Chinese lessons in reading and writing.
  • Social growth and autonomy are supported.

no obligations. no contracts.

Raising the Expectation of Daycare